Company News

-Started operations Dec 14 2012

-recieved permit to operate by Alberta Enviroment Dec 14 2012

-recieved busines permit by City of Calgary Dec 14 2012

-customer base now at�4 sites Feb 12 2013

-Metal recyclers accept final product from Propane Busters inc for metal recycling March 2nd 2013

-customer base grows to 9 sites March 15th 2013

�-Propane Busters becomes member of RCA (recycling counsel of Alberta) May 1st 2013

�-Propane Busters adds 6 new sites in southern Alberta and 2 sites in Grande Prarie

-Oct 26 2013 Propane Busters reaches first 30,000 cylinders which has diverted approximentaly 3000 lbs of propane and 30,000 lbs of metal from land fills.

-march 29 2017 propane busters recycles over 120,000 cylinders

�total site 17 and growing as of march 29 2017